Saturn Presents:

Blue Water Highway

With Brandon Norris


Sunday, June 9
07:00 doors / 08:00 show
18 and Over
  • Price$12.00

Blue Water Highway

Blue Water Highway comes from the working class, coastal town background that has informed the work of so many of rock’s greatest writers and artists. They take their name from the roadway that links their hometown of Lake Jackson, Texas to Galveston, where the cops, the teachers, the baristas, and the chemical plant workers travel to work hard and to play hard, blowing off steam, dancing to their favorite bands. Blue Water Highway’s music is the soundtrack for their lives. “Best Friend” is the first single from their album Heartbreak City, which came out on Blue Water Highway Records/Thirty Tigers on June 8th, 2018. With a hook that’s a mile wide, it chronicles the lives, loves and friendships that sustain us. Said lead singer Zack Kibodeaux, “We wrote this as a band, and we wanted to tap into the feeling of that special friendship where you know you can count on one another. Even though I wrote characters that are not the band members, our relationship definitely informed the writing of the lyrics.” Blue Water Highway was started by two best friends from high school-Kibodeaux (lead vocals/guitar) and Greg Essington (vocals/guitar). Zack then turned to Catherine Clarke (vocals/keyboard), to complete the three-part harmonies that the band would soon to be known for, and they were joined by Kyle Smith (bass), and Jared Wilson (drums). They will be touring relentlessly to support Heartbreak City, so look for them in a town near you soon.

Brandon Norris

People always ask me, “What kind of music do you play?” I say, “folk music”, and they look at me like I’m trying to be funny, like that’s not a real thing. But it is a real thing. I write songs about my family and things I’ve gone through. Songs about “living”. I sing them for my girls, my family, and anybody else who will listen. Sometimes I sing to people who aren’t listening, but that’s alright, because those times when it all comes together are magical, and you never can tell when it’s gonna happen. So, as AnnieJean told me, “Play it loud as the sky”. In 2017, I made a record. I called it "Weathervane". I tell people that it is the best record ever made in 8 hours. I don't know if it is or not, but I do know that most records take a lot longer. Listen to it and you'll hear what I mean when I say 'songs about living', and let me know what you think.........