Zero Mile Presents...

Nordista Freeze & Wanderwild

With Grand Vapids

Georgia Theatre

Wednesday, September 11
07:30 doors / 08:30 show
All Ages
  • Price$10.00

Nordista Freeze

NPR described Freeze's work as the most beautiful and perfect example of the Nashville music scene while Nashville Scene declared "cosmic Tom Petty" as one of the most likely artists to "rule" in 2018 and 2019. Nordista Freeze is known across the US for his high energy performances. His unique blend of 60s pop (Velvet Underground, Beach Boys) with modern psychedelia (Black Moth Super Rainbow, Animal Collective) gives him a modern, timeless sound. Through his tireless DIY touring (300 shows in two years), he has made a name for himself in houses across the US & Canada. With monstrous stage presence, high-energy dance moves & Beach Boys harmony, he wins over new fans night after night. Freeze has also worked hard to unite Nashville's DIY music scene, encouraging other artists to seize their full potential. Freezefest artists have since gone on to open for Willie Nelson, Cage The Elephant, and even win national competitions like The Voice. Charlie Peacock (Bono, The Civil Wars) & other Grammy producers are enamored by his young talent, hard work & endless motivation.


ATHENS BASED WANDERWILD is Matt Martin, Wes Gregory, Ian White, and Taylor Cotton. The project was initially crafted as a solo venture for Martin, who used Wanderwild to house his output as a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. In early 2017, the project found new exciting territory. Quickly after the release of Fleeting, Wanderwild transitioned from being a solo venture with a rotating cast of live players to a stable lineup of collaborators. With the addition of Wes Gregory on drums, Ian White on guitar, and Taylor Cotton on bass, the band began working on a new LP. In Due Time builds on the musical and lyrical themes established in Fleeting, while also welcoming brand new aesthetics and approaches. With heightened dynamic range and diverse production techniques, In Due Time is an exercise in artistic flexibility, while being an undeniably exciting listening experience.

Grand Vapids

When Grand Vapids emerged on the Athens music scene a mere fistful of years ago the group's blurry tales of emotional intensity drew listeners in like hungry wolves. Then, at some indeterminate point, the wolves took over pushing and pulling in all directions by both soothsayers and false saviors. Coupled with the band's own internal clockwork going awry, everything seemed to slowly limp to the pace of a broken heartbeat. Every new move a false start while each step seemed like forever. The band's debut album, Guarantees, proved a perfect postcard from the time they were fresh and lean and full of nothing but beginner's hope. The first sessions for the Rake EP and Eat The Shadow LP took place while the band was still bursting out of its starting blocks. After dumping the results of these sessions they tried to re-record the tracks in various locations but nothing was saved. Finally, after regrouping and drilling down into clearer realms of focus, the band joined producer David Barbe (Sugar, Buzz Hungry, Mercyland) and what happened between them is what you've got in your ears now. And what that is, in no uncertain terms, is the sound of rebirth. But it's not a gentle sense of being born again into grace but a retaking of the reigns with one's teeth full of grit; not a sense of ascendence so much as a clawing upward. This is as true for the rational, earth-bound details of its recording as it is for the emotional-sphere and depth of its songs. From the furious opening chords of "Dissolve" to the get-on-or-get off marching order of "Radiant Black", these new collections are the sound of a band back in control. -Gordon Lamb